At the present time is the 3 month anniversary of the day heaven received a good looking soul, my Dad! He and that i danced to this track on my wedding ceremony day and the lyrics suggest greater to me now than ever. I actually have a similar want for you Dad! I'm hoping you're blissful in Heaven ??
Leave out you so a great deal ❤️

Lauretta mia (English translation)
Artist: Enrico Musiani
My Little Laura

I dreamed of you wearing silver
You had been an angel fallen from heaven
And the next day to come wearing a veil
Your daddy'll take you to be married
The bells are ringing the instance
For the folks who love you
Your daddy will stay inner his coronary heart
probably the most exquisite testimonies of you

My little Laura, toddler that I am keen on
Daddy's making a song this serenade to you
His voice is shaking with emotion
I wrote this music for you

You have been little, inside the cradle
I sang you lullabies
And when you find yourself quickly a mom
You are going to take into account what I believe for you
And with a white marriage ceremony gown
You may be probably the most pretty lady on earth
And whilst in the future I come to be a grandpa
I will be able to sing lullabies once more

An afternoon of birthday party and cheer
For the reason that this daughter is to be married
You, who's candy, truthful and natural
You deserve much happiness

There is the moon that is peeping out
and lighting fixtures up this antique courtyard
In which a form lady is concerned
for the reason that the next day to come she's presupposed to be married
The cricket within the tree is silent
The complete village has woken up
Anyone hears the serenade
That daddy is making a song for you

River water comes from the ocean
if my voice reaches you up there
This night daddy asks you for forgiveness
If he hasn't given you something greater

The night time would be too lengthy
Oh, how lengthy your wait will probably be
Till day after today there within the church
and also you inform the groom "I do."
While you are striking the marriage ring to your finger
You seriously look into it, and also you have to be honest
As the desirable language of affection
can best survive honesty.

They may be shrieking at you "Hooray for the bride"
One can smile at absolutely everyone and never be rattled
And be at liberty my female descendant
Daddy wishes this from the ground of his center

And be at liberty my female descendant
That's the hope that daddy makes you.

Enrico Musiani - Lauretta mia lyrics + English translation (Variation #2) Translation of 'Lauretta mia' through Enrico Musiani from Italian to English (Edition #2)